Stables II: Ether

from by Trevor Deley



Your heart's on fire now
so wire it up and let it go.
You're talking all the lights down
from caressing your face.

Wiring up your head
you're wiring up to death.
You're waiting all the time
you could have spent.

Your breath's expiring out.
Peeling up out of your lungs.
You're pleading all the lines down
from stealing your face.

Hiding all your lies
and cashing all your dimes.
You're living off the time
you could have been.

Feels like running in the night
feeling wrong to feel right.
You're crawling
a feeling is lifting you up.

Run it through your head
peel it back onto the pain.
You're throwing old words around
to wear on your face.

Your heart's expiring now
and your sleeves are all to hell.
So put it on your boots
and roam the halls.

Stealing love just to survive,
keeping names to feel alive.
You're falling,
you lapse in a moment of time.


from Evelyn, released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Trevor Deley Ottawa, Ontario

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