by Trevor Deley

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Evelyn is a story that began in the late forties with a young couple dealing with the aftermath of a world at war and the death of a child. The story continues right up until the deaths of the protagonists and even afterwards in a ghostly mix of art and sound.


released October 31, 2013

Trevor Deley - Composition, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering.
Taylor Doyle - Album Art, Concept Art.



all rights reserved


Trevor Deley Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Stables I: The Woods
The beast in you, darling.
Was biting worse,
you'd hide your keening.

Believe in me, you're leaving me down
- but I could not stop you.

The ghost in you, darling.
Was always running,
your head around on me.

Believe in me, you leave yourself down
- but I could not stop you.

'Cause you burnt down the stables
and we broke at the table.
While you were 'fessing up your love
to stay from the rough.

The best in you, oh darling.
Was always running in the woods.

Believe in me, we'll leave it all be
- but I could not stop you.

'Cause you burnt down the stables
and as you left from the table.
Well I was 'fessing up my love
right into the rough.

Turning sage into stable,
taking lessons from Able,
and then you turn me on my tail
- right into the rough.

The best in you, darling.
Track Name: Stables II: Ether
Your heart's on fire now
so wire it up and let it go.
You're talking all the lights down
from caressing your face.

Wiring up your head
you're wiring up to death.
You're waiting all the time
you could have spent.

Your breath's expiring out.
Peeling up out of your lungs.
You're pleading all the lines down
from stealing your face.

Hiding all your lies
and cashing all your dimes.
You're living off the time
you could have been.

Feels like running in the night
feeling wrong to feel right.
You're crawling
a feeling is lifting you up.

Run it through your head
peel it back onto the pain.
You're throwing old words around
to wear on your face.

Your heart's expiring now
and your sleeves are all to hell.
So put it on your boots
and roam the halls.

Stealing love just to survive,
keeping names to feel alive.
You're falling,
you lapse in a moment of time.
Track Name: Glory Days
Your t-shirt wore like armour in the summer.
The sun falls on a sprinkler soaked drive way.
A moment hangs and steals you from forever.
To reign your memories while you wait.

You thought your love for her would last forever.
Running 'cross the field, hearts on fire.
Nostalgia grips the breath desire's willing,
spilling all the love that left you living.

Your time will come, your time has come.
Your glory days, your glory days are done.

Belief belies retreat a form of living.
You sell your brother out to stay the killing.
When the prisoners pile up, you're the villain.
To the memory of the girl form your old street.

The fray it rages on, the blood is spilling.
Slash and burn the crash, young hearts on fire.
- but innocence reminds you where your love is
as the blood begins to stain belief in loving.

Your time will come, your time has come,
your glory days, your glory days are young.
Track Name: Evelyn
Oh dream weaver
in the night, in the night.
Please free me.

You old spinner
you game winner
I'll wait for you here by the sink.

My cold lover
you left me this winter
the deep freeze.

My light dimmer
your dead sister
come follow me down from the light.

Evelyn my dear,
the devil's in my ear.
You moved in me, my dear.

Oh sweet believer
you feed me this pleasure
don't tease me.

The great leaver
you heart beater
just take all your avenues back.

My sweet dreamer
to the fight, to the fight
don't bleed please.

Your light streamer,
your gate keeper
he took all your avenues back.

Evelyn my dear
the devil's in my ear
you moved in me, my dear.